Woo Sales Popup Plugin

  • By: GrandPlugins
  • Email: services@grandplugins.com

Files Included

The installable zip file gpls-wcsamm-coming-soon-products-for-woocommerce.zip



Advanced Bundles

You can find Settings under Woocommerce page -> Settings ->

How to use

General Settings

Enable popups

This option will enable / disable showing popups in frontend.

Max period

The maximum hours to fetch orders in for the popups.

Max Orders

Max orders to fetch from Database to create popups from.

Max notifications

Maximum number of popups to show in frontend.

Exclude current user

This option will exclude current ( logged in ) user orders from the popup notifications.

Notification items

The number of order’s products to show in a single popup.

Product Select

This option determines how to select products from each order for each popup.

Display item quantity

Display each product’s quantity from the order in the popup.

Disabled pages

Notifications will be disabled in selected pages.

Customer location

Determine how to display the user location or hide it.

User location options:

  • Hide customer location
  • City, State Country
  • State, Country
  • City, Country
  • Country

Country display

Choose to display country code or country name

Display customer name

Select to show or hide customers name.

Default name

The default customer name that will be shown if the “Display customer name” option is disabled.

Default bought name

This option to customize “bought” keyword in the popup.


Popup position

Select the side on the screen to display the popup, the plugin supports all eight sides positions.

Horizontal Margin

Set the horizontal spacing from the selected side above

Vertical Margin

Set the vertical spacing from the selected side above

Items fontsize

Control the popup items font size.

Product text color

The popup items text color.

Popup duration

The duration ( in seconds ) to keep showing each popup until showing the next one.

Popup repeat

Keep repeating the popups.

Minimum Screen

The minimum screen width to start showing the popups.

Thank you for using our plugin. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this documentation, please feel free to request support at our Support Forum.