WP Watermark Images

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Files Included

The installable zip file gpls-wmfw-watermark-images-for-wordpress-pro-plugin.zip

Credits to the assets – fonts – libs used in the plugin


How To Use

The Plugin’s Tabs:

  • Watermarks Templates
  • Settings
  • Single Editor
  • Bulk Apply
  • Backups

Watermarks Templates

You can create many watermarks templates to use them on bulk images or apply them automatically on uploaded images.

Start creating a new watermarks template.

That’s how the default Watermarks Template looks like

Select Preview Image

You can select an image to test and preview the watermarks on it, the selected image won’t be affected. You don’t have to select one, you can keep the default one as above.

Add Watermark

You can add a text or image watermark as many as you want.

Image Watermark

clicking on Image Watermark button will open the media modal so you can choose the image you want as a watermark.

You can select the watermark size before select.

After clicking Select Watermark The image watermark will be placed over the preview image.

Text Watermark

Clicking on Text Watermark button will place a text watermark over the preview image.

Current Watermarks

This tab contains current watermarks on the preview image, From there you can customize each watermark individually.

Here is the list of the watermark controls.

Image Watermarks

  • Opacity
  • Position
  • Offset
  • Repeat
  • Rotation

Text Watermarks

  • Text
  • Color
  • Font Size
  • Font Family
  • Opacity
  • Position
  • Offset
  • Repeat
  • Rotation



Customize each watermarks template to be applied automatically on uploaded images.

The template can be applied based on the maximum | minimum of the image width and height, The image starting name, the posts where image is uploaded into.

Upload location

This filter depends on the post parent of the uploaded image.

When you upload an image inside a post, the image is attached to this post. the post becomes the image’s post parent. when you upload an image in media page for example, The images are not attached to any post.

You can check each image whether it’s attached to a post or not in media library page or the image’s edit page.


This option for images uploaded and not attached to a post, like in the media page or any other custom uploads, so be careful using this option, always combine this option with the image prefix name and image dimensions to make the filter accurate.

Examples of general Uploads with no attached post parent [ Media Upload – WooCommerce Categories Image ]

Post Type

This option for images uploaded in any post in any post type [ post – page – product – etc… ].

Post Type Rules

You can set group rules for each post type to filter the uploaded images based on the posts criteria.

Example: Apply The watermarks Template on images uploaded to variable products that have Tshirts category OR grouped products that have Clothing category.


Example: Apply a watermarks template on images uploaded without attached post and it’s name starts with watermark-prefix.


Example: Apply the watermarks template on images uploaded to variable products that have Tshirts category.

Single Editor

The single editor is a quick way to add watermarks to a single image. no need to create a watermarks template.

You can select the image, Add the watermarks over the image, preview the watermarks on the image, then apply them on it.

Bulk Apply

You can apply a watermarks template on bulk images.


  • Select the Watermarks Template.
  • Select the images directly from the media or by posts.
  • Click on Search for images for in selected posts button.
  • uncheck any image you don’t want to be watermarked.
  • Select the Apply-Type method [ overwrite | create new ].
  • Select which sizes to apply the watermarks on.
  • Click Apply button to apply the watermarks template on the selected images.


  • You can select posts directly from any post type or select posts by filters [ posts status – posts date range – posts authors – posts terms ] .
  • Select images by posts will get images related to posts as [ featured images – images uploaded into the post – WooCommerce Gallery images ].


Example: Apply a watermarks template on images attached to grouped products that have Clothing category.


You can restore the original image from backup if you chose this option before overwrite the image.

There are two ways to restore the images backup

Single Image Backup

You can restore the backup of the image from the edit page. You can select each size to restore it. The backup image still there until you decide to delete it.

The edit page has a Subsizes metabox so you can track the status of each sub-size.

The backup image still exist until you decide to delete it.


Bulk Images Backup

You can make a full backup restore to images from Backups tab.

This way will apply a full backup to all sub-sizes including the original size and will delete the backup image after that.


You can upload the font file ( .ttf ) you like to use it for the Text watermark.


V 1.3.0

Auto resize watermarks

In this major update, you can apply auto resize watermarks rule. the image watermarks size and text watermarks font size will be scaled proportionally with different images sizes.

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