Woo Gift Cards

Easily create and sell gift cards in your WooCommerce store. Customers can send personalized gift cards via email. Gift cards are generated automatically with eligible orders. Simplify gift-giving for your customers and enhance their shopping experience.


Giftcard products

Create giftcards products easily using simple products or variable products with variations giftcard options.

woo gift card product settings

woo gift card variation product settings

Detailed Giftcards list

Track all giftcards list in a very detailed info for each giftcard

woo gift card variation product settings

Manual Giftcards

The plugin offers a simple way to create giftcards manually.

woo gift card - create giftcards manually

Auto Giftcards

Generate giftcards automatically to orders that match specific conditions.

woo gift card - create giftcards manually

Order Giftcards Table

Listing purchased giftcards table in Thank you page and orders page

woo gift cards - giftcards table

woo gift cards - recipient giftcard sender form

Recipient Giftcard Email

Allow customers to send giftcard emails to recipient easily

woo gift card - recipient giftcards email

Order Giftcard Email

Send auto giftcards emails to eligible orders.

woo gift card - order giftcards email

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