Woo Maintenance Mode

The best WooCommerce plugin for the maintenance mode with plenty of options. You don’t need to shut down the shop for the maintenance mode. When the maintenance mode is activated, the products selling function will be disabled then you can show a notice, a popup or make a redirect


Select the maintenance mode end date

You can select a date to disable the maintenance mode automatically.

Disable the maintenance mode for specific roles

You can disable the maintenance mode for specific user roles.

Apply the maintenance mode for custom products only

Select by [ Categories – Tags – Product Type – Product names ] which products to apply the maintenance mode on without affecting the rest of the shop

Maintenance Notice

  • You can customize the notice easily through the TinyMCE editor.
  • You can either make a general notice or different notices for different products


Maintenance Mode Subscribe Form

  • A subscribe form for the end of the maintenance mode which is hidden automatically after the user subscribes.
  • A subscribe Form shortcode to easily add the form at any page.
  • CSS style box to style the notice, subscribe form and popup.


Maintenance Popup

  • Add different popups for different products – pages
  • Customize the Popup Header – Body – Footer through TinyMCE editor

Customize the Popup options

  • Choose to auto hide the popup after a certain time
  • Wysiwyg editor for the popup title, body and footer
  • Position the popup on the screen
  • Choose whether showing the popup frequently or not
  • Stop showing the popup after the user subscribes to the maintenance mode form

Preview the changes before the activation

You can easily preview the notice and the popup changes before activating maintenance mode at any page

Keep you clients informed when the maintenance mode is over

  • Track a list of the subscribed users emails
  • Send the maintenance mode email in a single click
  • Export the subscribed emails
  • Wysiwyg editor for the notice which will appear after the user is subscribed

Customize the maintenance mode email

You can edit the email same as the other WooCommerce emails from the Emails tab

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  • [Fix] Fix emails export.
  • [Update] Improve subscription form.
  • [Update] Core update.
  • Improve Disable Add to Cart.
  • Adjust UI Assets.
  • Fix Subscribe Form in Popup.
  • Tested with latest WP and Woo Version.