Woo Best Seller

Increase your sales with ease using our WooCommerce Best Sellers plugin! This powerful tool showcases your top-performing products and drives customer engagement. With its sleek and user-friendly interface, you’ll be able to highlight your best sellers like never before!


Best Seller Badges

Add eye-catching badges indicating best seller products inspired by Amazon best seller badges.

Best Seller Badges

Custom Icon Badges

Option to choose custom image badges instead of the text badge.

Best Seller Icon Badges

Sales Badges

Show sales badge for best seller products of total sales.

Best Sellers in Loop pages

Rank Badge

Display products rank in Best Seller products in a Category inspired by Amazon Best Seller pages.

Best Seller in Category Listing

Rich Badge Styles

Control all the badge styles and positions.

Control the badge position with six sides option, font size, color, background and more…

Best Seller badge Settings

Best Seller Listing

List Best Seller products easily with multiple shortcodes available.

  • General Best Sellers.
  • Best Sellers in a category.
  • Best Sellers in all Best Selling Categories.

Best Seller Listing

Best Seller Sliders

Display Best Seller products in sliders.

best seller slider

Mark Best Seller product

mark specific products as a Best Seller.

Single product best seller

Version 1.0.7

Best Sellers in last interval

Latest Best Seller products

Display the latest best seller products in the last x days | weeks | months | years.

Woo Best Sellers - Best Sellers products in last week

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Features list

  • Text and Image Best Seller Badge
  • Total Sales Badge
  • Rank Badge
  • Best Seller Category Badge
  • Custom icon Badges
  • Best Seller Ranking same as Amazon best seller ranking
  • Best Seller category badge same as Amazon best seller icon
  • Best Seller products shortcode
  • Best Seller products in categories shortcode
  • Best Seller products slider
  • Best Seller products in categories slider

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  • [New] Best Sellers in latest interval listing
  • [Update] Update compatibility with MySQL 8.0+
  • [Fix] Fix best seller categories shortcode.
  • [Fix] Fix badge settings save issue .
  • [Fix] Fix badge style positioning in settings.
  • [Fix] Fix total sales badge positioning
  • [Update] Major updates to badges – Compatibility with more themes.
  • [New] Responsive icon badge.
  • [Update] Update Best Sellers Sliders.
  • Enhance Badges position.
  • Responsive Best Sales Badge.