WP PDF Password Protect

Protect your PDF files on your WordPress website easily. You can add a password to prevent opening the PDF file, control the pdf edit permissions and remove passwords from PDF files.

WP PDF Password Protect plugin allows you to encrypt your pdf files with both user and owner password, apply password on bulk pdfs, auto password on upload and more.


Protect PDF files easily


Set passwords to your PDF files in the file edit page with a single click

User password and Owner password


You can set both a user password to encrypt the PDF file and an owner password to control the PDF edit permissions.



Remove password


You can remove password from PDF file easily by user or owner password.


Auto passwords


Apply passwords automatically on PDF files once uploaded.


Bulk passwords


Apply passwords on bulk PDF files.




The plugin requires two packages to be installed on your server in order to unlock full features

Version 1.1.1


Restricted PDF Uploader

WooCommerce downloadable password protected PDFs.

Restricted PDF Uploader


Restrict PDF files from view or download.

Woo Protected Downloadable PDFs


Sell PDF files easily in WooCommerce protected with a password for each customer.



WooCommerce Protected Downloadable PDF Email

WooCommerce Protected Downloadable PDF


WooCommerce Protected Downloadable PDF

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Does the plugin requires packages?

Yes, The plugin requires that you have QPDF V 9.1.1 at least and GhostScript in order to use the plugin’s full features.

Does the plugin remove PDF password?

The plugin removes the password given the file password. The plugin doesn’t try to decrypt or use brute force to break the password.

Can you apply one password on multiple PDF files?

The plugin offers bulk wordpress feature tab where you can select PDF files and apply passwords on all select PDF files.

Can you set passwords automatically?

Yes, The plugin offers auto password tab where you can save specific passwords based on the PDF location upload and the matching PDF file will be protected by the saved password automatically once uploaded.


  • [New] Upload restricted PDFs.
  • [New] WooCommerce downloadable password protected PDFs.
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