Screenshare with Screenleap Integration

Manage your screenshare meetings with ScreenLeap and WordPress, Create your meetings in WordPress and link it to your ScreenLeap screenshares. You can make your meeting purchasable by integrating with WooCommerce, strict access to meeting for logged-in users only, collect reminder emails from your clients and many more…


Supports All ScreeLeap screen-share types

You can select between Meet NowSchedule Meeting – or Using the ScreenLeap API

Explain the meeting details easily

Each meeting has Meeting Agenda Section to explain what the meeting is, and another section for the meeting Details

  • Meeting Author
  • Meeting Date
  • Meeting Timezone
  • Meeting Time
  • Meeting Duration

Many Features to control the screen-share meeting

  • choose to show a countdown section until the meeting.
  • Show the meeting join button to logged-in users only.
  • Display a reminder subscription form for users.
  • Make the meeting purchasable by linking it to WooCommerce Product.

API Integration

The plugin offers an easy way to integrate the ScreenLeap API to start the screen-share with many configurations

Remind your clients

You can choose to display a countdown timer until the meeting time and show a reminder subscription form to users in meeting page so you can send them a reminder email before the meeting.

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  • Add Integration to Installation-Free option meeting
  • Optimize screen share start process
  • Updates and Tested for latest WordPress Version