Woo Cart & Quantity Controller

The most advanced plugin to get full control over your website cart and orders. set cart limits by total price, products or quantity. Control the minimum and maximum limits to be sold from each product, Control which products can be sold together in the same order, Strict adding products to cart without other products and more…


Totals Limits

limit the clients cart based on the cart totals, products count, and quantities.

Custom  Totals Limits

You can set minimum and maximum totals limits to cart based on specific products or products categories in the cart.

Global Quantity Limits

limit the minimum and maximum quantity allowed for each client per cart for all products.

Custom Quantity Limits

You can control min-max limits for each product or bulk products by categories | tags | attributes | etc… .

Conditional Quantity Limits

The plugin also offers a complex conditional limits to control the quantity of specific products based on the quantity of other products in cart.

Products Limits

Disable buying products based on other products in cart.

Version 1.0.2

Products Dependency Limitations

Product Dependency Limitations

Limit buying specific products from your website without adding other products to cart first.

products dependency limitations settings

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  • [Fix] Fix custom total limits
  • [Update] Optimize limits validation
  • [New] Set minimum and maximum total for depending products in Products Dependency limits.
  • [New] Products Dependency Limitations.
  • [Update] Update Core.
  • Custom Totals Limit Conditions.