WP GIF Editor

The plugin empowers the wordpress sites to handle the GIF images. it can handle uploading the GIF images to your wordpress site without losing its animation. You can control the GIF play action, create gifs, add watermarks to gifs and apply all image edit actions on the GIF.


Keep GIF animation after uploading

You can upload GIFs to your wordpress site without losing its animation, including the original image and all subsizes

GIF Creator

You can create GIF from other images including other GIFs

GIF Watermark

You can add watermarks to GIFs either Image Watermarks or Text watermarks

GIF Edits

You can apply all image edits options same as other image types

  • Crop
  • Flip
  • Rotate
  • Scale
  • Restore

GIF Play Action

Control the GIF play action to by [ autoplay – hover – click ] in Gutenberg and Classic Editor

V 1.2.0

  • Regenerate animated subsizes.
  • Optimize GIF load.

Regenerate Subsize

You can regenerate animates sub-sizes from the GIF edit page.

Optimize GIF Load

The plugin offers a smart way to load GIF images to avoid slow page load by loading first frame image first then loading the animated GIF image after the page is finished loading.


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  • [New]  GIF play action in GIF edit page – WooCommerce compatibility.
  • [Update] Improve the GIF first frame loading.
  • [Update] Add loading Compatibility with WooCommerce Cart.
  • [Fix] Optimization compatibility with autoptimize.
  • [Fix] Pypass subsize creation if the size is bigger than original size.
  • [New] Add Imagick support for GIF operations.
  • [Update] Improve GIF first frame image HTML creation.
  • Improve First Frame preview image loading.
  • Create First Frame Image.
  • Regenerate animated subsizes.
  • Optimize GIF load.
  • Add custom delay option for each frame
  • Optimize GIF creation process
  • Update GIF creation box UI
  • Handle Timeout for Big Sized GIFs
  • optimize resize process