WP Large Images Uploader

If your website needs uploading High-resolution images or big-size images, the WP Large Images Uploader is the best choice!

The plugin adds a custom uploader which handles the upload process without falling into the hosting timeout limits or the WordPress Pixels Threshold restrictions.

WordPress by default has a 2560 pixels max threshold and force scaling down any image above that number, beside that the upload process most likely fails due to timeout limits.

WP Large Images Uploader plugin fixes that by removing the max pixels threshold allowing you to upload any high-pixels images and cares for the hosting timeout limits during the upload process.


Attach – Detach any image to any post after upload

Choose which sub-sizes to create before upload

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  • Update Core
  • Tested up to latest WP version
  • Add sub-sizes list to images edit page.
  • Add an option to select sub-sizes before uploading