WP Paypal Subscriptions

Get full intergation of the paypal subscriptions into your Website. The plugin makes it easy offering premium subscription content and selling WooCommerce products through the paypal subscriptions.


Create premium content easily 

You can offer recurring subscription premium content easily with two simple shortcodes.

Quick login and register 

The plugin offers a quick way for users to login or register without redirect or refresh.

WooCommerce Integration 

Convert any simple and variable WooCommerce product include variations to a paypal subscriptions.

Subscription Cycle Order

Keep tracking each subscription cycle payment with a WooCommerce Order.

Track plans and subscriptions

list, edit and update all subscriptions and plans from your website without the need to access your Paypal Account.



Update products, plans and subscriptions

Check every PayPal product, plan and subscription and update them easily.

Live and sandbox support

The plugin supports both live and sandbox modes to test your subscriptions easily.



V 1.1.1

Billing Form

Shipping Form


WooCommerce Billing and Shipping Forms

You can add billing and shipping forms into the same WooCommerce Subscription Product page.





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  • [New] Show – Hide “Debit or Credit Card” button
  • [New] Allow Add to cart for paypal subscription products.
  • [New] Show product price – Hide paypal price table.
  • [New] Regular Background Subscriptions Refresh.
  • [New] Refresh Button to check latest updates from PayPal.
  • [Update] Core Updates.
  • [New] Add Billing and Shipping forms to WooCommerce Subscriptions.
  • [Update] Improve Pricing Table and Subscribe Button UI.
  • [Update] Improve Subscription payment Fetching for WooCommerce products.
  • [Fix] fix plan fetch when switching between live and sandbox.
  • First Version