Woo Advanced Pricing – Discount & Quantity Swatches

With our WooCommerce Advanced pricing plugin, you can easily offer All-Units, Tiered, name your price, and Package pricing models to your customers. Simply set up the pricing model you want to use and our plugin will take care of the rest. You can also customize each pricing model to fit your unique business needs. It’s a hassle-free way to offer your customers flexible and enticing pricing options that can help drive sales and boost customer loyalty, You can also enable quantity swatches for any product to boost conversion.


Multiple pricing models

Choose easily between different pricing models [ All – Units pricing model – Tiered pricing model – Package pricing model ]

woo advanced pricing models

Pricing table rules

Set pricing table rules easily whether manually or dynamically.

woo advanced pricing table rules

Pricing conditions

Apply the pricing rules based on conditions for specific customers and specific period.

woo advanced pricing conditions

Pricing table

Display the pricing table for any of the pricing models in the product’s page.

woo advanced pricing table

Dynamic price

Update the product’s price dynamically after hitting sales count milestone.

woo advanced pricing table

Quantity Swatches Support

V 1.0.3

You can now show quantity swatches for any pricing model

Fully customizable Quantity swatches

You can enable quantity swatches for all pricing models with full customization of the swatches styles

quantity swatches

quantity swatches

Name your price

V 1.1.0

Name your price mode

Set any simple, variable and variation products to name your price mode and let the customers choose the price to pay between preset range.

quantity swatches

quantity swatches

Quantity Breaks

V 1.1.0

Quantity breaks pricing

You can set quantity breaks pricing model to WooCommerce products, by offering a discount for specific ordered quantities.

quantity swatches

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Features list

  • Set Volume Discount using All-Unit pricing model to any simple and variable product
  • Set Tiered Discount using Tiered pricing model to any simple and variable product
  • Set Package Discount using Package pricing model to any simple and variable product
  • Create pricing table manually or dynamically
  • Apply Quantity swatches to any pricing model
  • Restrict pricing models to specific users
  • Schedule pricing models between two dates interval
  • Update any product's price automatically once the products sales hits a specific number of sales
  • [New] Full customizable Quantity Swatches
  • [New] Name your price mode for regular, variable and variation products

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  • [Update] Optimize assets.
  • [Update] Improve pricing table and name-your-price hook filters.
  • [New] Name-your-price field shortcode.
  • [New] Quantity Breaks Pricing
  • [New] Pricing table shortcode
  • [New] Quantity Swatches shortcode
  • [New] Total price column in pricing table
  • [New] Name your price mode in shop and single pages.
  • [Fix] Fix quantity swatches selection in variations.
  • [New] Name your price mode for simple, variable and variation products.
  • [New] Quantity Swatches to all pricing model.
  • [Fix] Fix an issue in dynamic tables.
  • [New] Option to select price per unit of full price for Package pricing model.
  • [New] Dynamic price option