WP Advanced Captcha

“Advanced Captcha” the most advanced captcha plugin was designed to provide a reliable captcha solution for all major forms in WordPress and WooCommerce. With its seamless integration, “Advanced Captcha” helps protect your website from spam, bots, and malicious activities.


All known Captchas

The plugin supports the famous four captcha systems [ Google Recaptcha – MTcaptcha – hCaptcha – GeeTest ]

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Random Captchas

The plugin uses a smart way other than captcha plugins by using different captchas randomly on every refresh which makes it harder for bots and spammers to pypass.

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Multiple Captchas

The plugin supports adding more than captcha in the same form.

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Major Forms

Add captchas to all major forms in WooCommerce and WP

  • Woo Login Form.
  • Woo Register Form.
  • Woo Review Form.
  • Woo Checkout Form.
  • Woo Lost Password Form.
  • WP Login Form.
  • WP Register Form.
  • WP Lost Password Form.
  • WP Comments Form.

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Flexible Selections

Select which captchas to use for each form and the selection whether it’s a manual or a random

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V 1.0.1

Woo Add To cart Captcha – Custom forms Captcha

WooCommerce Add To Cart reCaptcha

Now you can enable invisible captcha to WooCommerce add to cart.



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Features list

  • Supports 4 different captcha systems [ Google Recaptcha - MTcaptcha - hCaptcha - GeeTest ]
  • Placing multiple captchas per form
  • Select random captchas per form
  • Supports all WooCommerce forms and major WP forms
  • Supports WooCommerce Add To Cart recaptcha
  • Add any captcha to any form using simple shortcode integration

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  • [Fix] Fix conflict in GeeTestV4 captcha.
  • [New] Login bypass link.
  • [Update] Update Google reCaptcha V3
  • [New] WooCommerce Add To Cart reCaptcha.
  • [New] Custom Forms captchas.
  • First Version