Image Sizes Controller

Get full control over the image sizes on your WordPress website. By using the Image Sizes Controller plugin, You can create custom image sizes, Disable image sizes, Apply image sizes based on conditions, Delete image sizes and more.

Create Custom Sizes

create unlimited image sizes.

create custom image sizes

Disable Sizes

disable any image size from being created for any new uploaded images.

disable image sizes

Conditional Sizes

create image sizes only based on conditions.

conditional sizes tab

Image Settings

Control the image sizes for each image inside the image’s edit page.


Image Sizes List

Get Full list of all image sizes.

conditional sizes tab

Fix Broken Sizes

Check if any size’s image is missing and fix it in a single click.

conditional sizes tab

Create Missing Sizes

Create any missing size of any image.

conditional sizes tab


Bulk generate and delete subsizes

generate or delete any subsize for bulk of images chosen directly from media or by post types.

conditional sizes tab

Custom single subsizes

Create custom subsizes per image.

conditional sizes tab


Media folders Compatibility

Control which image size to be created or removed based on the image uploaded path.

compatible with Real Physical Media and Real Media Library plugins

conditional sizes tab

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Features list

  • List al registered sizes on your website
  • Create unlimited new image sizes
  • Force image size upscale
  • Force image sizing using exact dimensions
  • Disable creating any image subsize
  • Create - Disable any image subsize based on the uploaded image name prefix, upload location, or image path
  • Disable WP "Big image" threshold
  • Create or delete image subsizes in bulk
  • List image subsizes in image edit page
  • Delete any image subsize per image
  • Resize any image subsize per image
  • Detect and Create any missing subsize per image
  • Create custom subsize per image
  • Fix broken subsizes per image
  • Switch between subsizes in frontend

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  • [New] Sizes Switch in frontend feature
  • [Fix] resize subsize at return
  • [Update] Add mime type support check before choosing image lib.
  • [New] Option to resize any subsize for any image.
  • [Fix] Fix deprecation for PHP 8.0.
  • [Update] Core update.
  • AVIF images: Fix WP width and height fail for AVIF images.
  • WEBP Express: Delete generated  webp image when delete subsize.
  • Small UI improvements.
  • Core Updates
  • Upgrade conditional Sizes Feature
  • Compatibility with media directories
  • Compatibility with Real Physical Media plugin
  • Fix Conditional Apply save.
  • Bulk generate subsizes.
  • Bulk delete subsizes.
  • Create custom subsizes for single images.
  • Hide disabled sizes from global sizes.
  • Fix custom size creation error