Woo Paddle Checkout

A powerful solution that seamlessly integrates Paddle’s secure payment gateway into your WooCommerce website. allowing customers to make secure and hassle-free payments and subscriptions through Paddle for their orders.


Easy Checkout Integration

Integrate Paddle gateway with your WooCommerce checkout easily.


paddle checkout in WooCommerce checkout page

Instant Paddle Checkout

Allow customers to pay using paddle checkout from any product page.


paddle checkout button in WooCommerce signle product page

paddle checkout popup in WooCommerce signle product page

Paddle product and price

Create paddle products and prices from WooCommerce products edit pages.

paddle product creation

paddle price creation

Track paddle subscriptions

Paddle subscriptions are being stored and tracked in your site.

paddle subscriptions

paddle subscription details

Custom paddle subscription email

Send customized email for paddle subscriptions renewals.

paddle subscription renewal email settings

paddle subscription renewal email

Paddle order integration

include Paddle tax, fee and earnings in WooCommerce Orders.

paddle subscription order details

Quick Paddle products connection.

The plugin can create Paddle products and prices with WooCommerce products at checkout on the fly.

paddle default product and price creation

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  1. Michael Trotta (verified owner)

    Wonderful plugin, responsive customer service. Highly recommended.


  • [Update] Link Payment Method field in order receipt with the gateway title.
  • [Fix] Fix subscription items update in background
  • [New] Connect WooCommerce Coupons with Paddle Discounts.
  • [Fix] Fix quick login nonce.
  • [Update] Optimize Paddle address fetching.
  • [Update] Improve Paddle error reporting
  • [Update] Handle Paddle product length limit
  • [Fix] Fix price formatting for decimals.
  • [Update] Disable input value change on scrolling.
  • [New] Paddle logs page
  • [New] Paddle transaction creation hook
  • [Update] Adjust paddle woo order with webhook