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The best watermarks plugin for WordPress. Add image and text watermarks on your images with full control over the watermarks position. Apply watermarks automatically on uploaded images. Apply watermarks on a single image or bulk images, Choose to overwrite or create a new watermarked image and restore the original images at any time.

Flexible Watermarks Editor


The most flexible and easy-to-use editor to position and control the watermarks on images.

Get Full Control over the watermarks position, rotation, repetition and opacity.

WP Watermark images plugin - Watermarking Editor

Auto apply Watermarks


Apply watermarks automatically on uploaded images based on the image dimension, name or the upload location.

You can control which watermarks template be applied based on the images upload location for each post type including the post status, category, tag, etc.. .

WP Watermark images plugin - Auto watermarking options

Watermarks Apply Type


Control how to apply the watermarks on the images, whether to overwrite the image or create a new watermarked image.

WP Watermark images plugin - watermarks apply type - overwrite or create new image

Backup Images


You can choose to create a backup version of the original image so you can restore the original one at any time.

Control which sub-sizes to restore inside every image page, or a full backup restore for bulk images.

WP Watermark images plugin - Backup options in image edit page

WP Watermark images plugin - Backup images list

Bulk Watermarks Apply


Choose a watermarks template and apply it on bulk images in one click.

You can select images directly from the media gallery or select images by posts.

WP Watermark images plugin - Bulk apply watermarks

Preview Before Apply


Preview how the watermarks will be applied on images before applying them.

WP Watermark images plugin - Preview applied watermarks

Custom Text Watermarks Fonts


You can upload the font you want to use for the Text watermarks.

WP Watermark images plugin - Custom text watermarks font family

Version 1.3.0

Auto resize watermarks

Resize watermarks dynamically

Watermarks will be resized proportionally with the image size.

WP Watermark images plugin - Auto resize watermarks per image

Version 1.4.0

Select sizes in Auto Watermarking

Customizable Auto watermarking

Select which sizes to apply watermarks on in Auto watermarking.

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Features list

  • Add Text and image watermarks
  • Control font size, font family, color and opacity for text watermarks
  • Control width, height and opacity for image watermarks
  • Control watermarks position on images easily
  • Repeat watermarks in five options
  • Set horizontal and vertical offsets between repeated watermarks
  • Apply watermarks automatically on uploaded images
  • Apply watermarks on images in a single click in bulk
  • Backup watermarked images and restore
  • Auto resize watermarks based on image dimension
  • Add custom fonts for text watermarks

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  1. Markus Schneider (verified owner)

    The new version 1.3.0 works now smoothly also with webp-Images (as Source). After fiddling around with the Watermark-Size and the Reference-Width the Watermark looks very good on all Sizes.

  2. Markus S. (verified owner)

    v1.3.0 works now perfectly with webp-Images (Source).

  3. N’goran AHOUA (verified owner)

    The Best part is the amazing support ! 8 years working with plugin for wordpress and never seen such responsive technical support, so attentive, capable of providing you with a tailor-made customization in record time and for free! I highly recommend !

  4. labsilent (verified owner)

    Got it because of WebP support that worked better than in similar plugins (or at all); very helpful tech support that was able to resolve our issues.


  • [Fix] fix overwritten backup
  • [Fix] fix duplicated watermarking in bulk watermark
  • [New] Imagify compatibility
  • [Fix] fix auto watermarking in custom directory
  • [Fix] Fix Offset Corner option with auto resize watermark.
  • [Update] Improve error handling in Bulk watermarking.
  • [New] Offset corner: Add offset corner option to control which corner of selected image position to offset from.
  • [Update] Update supported post types in auto-watermarking option.
  • [New] Exclude WooCommerce downloadable images from auto-watermarking option | for sites that sell images.
  • [New] Option to select which sizes to apply watermarks in Auto Watermarking
  • [Fix] Prevent Error in case Imagick is not installed.
  • [New] Set items per page option in backup pages.
  • [Fix] Fix deprecation in PHP 8.1
  • [New] Auto resize watermarks in Auto and Bulk watermarking.
  • [New] Add WEBP and AVIF for image selection for watermarking.
  • [Update] Improve Image Format check.
  • [Update] Improve errors handling.
  • [Update] Update Core.
  • [New] A custom directory option for separated watermarked image in Auto-Watermark options.
  • [New] Select sub-sizes to create of new watermarked image in Auto-Watermark options.
  • [ New Feature ] Resize image watermarks.
  • Fix post types select without rule groups.
  • Enhance Watermarks Editor UI.
  • [ New Feature ] “Relative to Center” option to watermarks placement.
  • Enhance Editor UI.
  • Adjust Cache bust for images.
  • Enhance Watermarking process.
  • Fix bulk search images query.
  • Adjust image watermark offset to be from center.
  • Adjust auto watermark image types.
  • Test to lastest WP version 6.0
  • Fix small js error in watermarks template page
  • adjust styles in admin side
  • Improve the watermarks counting – adding -removing
  • Adjust the watermarks status
  • Improve sanitization of submitted data