E-commerce has revolutionized the way we shop, bringing unprecedented convenience and a world of choice to our fingertips. However, this shift to digital retailing has brought its own unique set of challenges, one of which is managing out-of-stock or not-yet-available products. Traditional methods involve labeling these items as ‘unavailable’ or ‘out-of-stock’, which can lead to missed opportunities. But what if there was a more effective approach? Enter the ‘Coming Soon‘ strategy, a game-changer in the world of e-commerce.

Understanding the ‘Coming Soon’ Phenomenon

In essence, the ‘Coming Soon‘ strategy involves labeling unavailable products as ‘Coming Soon‘, thus creating a sense of anticipation and excitement among customers. This is not unlike the effect that a movie trailer has on audiences, providing just enough to pique their interest and leaving them eager for more. By adopting this strategy, e-commerce businesses can turn potential setbacks into opportunities for customer engagement and future sales.

But why exactly is this approach so effective? Let’s delve deeper into the benefits of ‘Coming Soon’ products.

The Power of Anticipation: Benefits of ‘Coming Soon’ Products

1. Enhanced Customer Engagement and Retention

The first and most immediate benefit of ‘Coming Soon’ products is enhanced customer engagement. By offering a glimpse of what’s to come, you give customers a reason to stay connected and keep coming back to your site.

Moreover, ‘Coming Soon’ products offer a perfect opportunity to gather email addresses from interested customers. This not only helps you build a database of potential buyers who have shown direct interest in your products, but it also enables you to stay in touch with these customers, providing updates on product availability and fostering a sense of community around your brand.

2. Streamlined Sales Forecasting

Another significant advantage of ‘Coming Soon’ products is the potential for improved sales forecasting. By collecting email addresses of interested customers, you gain valuable insights into the demand for a product. This data can prove instrumental in managing your inventory more effectively, ensuring that you have adequate stock when the product becomes available.

3. Superior Customer Experience

Transparency is a vital element in building customer trust and loyalty. By providing a specific ‘Coming Soon’ date, you show respect for your customers’ time and keep them informed. This can significantly enhance the overall customer experience, promoting repeat business and fostering long-term customer relationships.

4. Unique Marketing Opportunities

Finally, ‘Coming Soon’ products can open up unique marketing opportunities. You can build an entire marketing campaign around the anticipation of an upcoming product, creating a buzz that drives traffic to your site. Additionally, you can leverage email marketing to keep interested customers informed, further building excitement and ultimately boosting conversions when the product is finally available.

Implementing the ‘Coming Soon’ products Strategy

To effectively implement the ‘Coming Soon’ strategy in your WooCommerce store, you need the right tools. A standout solution in this area is the Coming Soon Product plugin.

Tackling E-commerce Challenges with the Coming Soon Product Plugin

The plugin is designed to solve a variety of challenges that come with managing ‘Coming Soon’ products. These include communicating effectively with customers about product availability, collecting email addresses of interested customers, and streamlining inventory management.

Key Features of the Coming Soon Product Plugin

The Coming Soon Product Plugin offers a host of features that make handling ‘Coming Soon’ products a breeze. These include:

  • Customizable ‘Coming Soon’ Text: Personalize your message with custom text for ‘Coming Soon’ mode.
  • Product Arrival Time Setting: Be transparent with your customers by setting and displaying the expected arrival time of the product.
  • Countdown Display: Create a sense of urgency and anticipation with a countdown to the product’s arrival time.
  • Automatic Email Notifications: Keep your customers informed by sending automatic emails to subscribed customers when the product becomes available.
  • Subscription Form: Make it easy for interested customers to stay informed with a user-friendly subscription form.
  • ‘Coming Soon’ Badge: Make your ‘Coming Soon’ products stand out with a customizable ‘Coming Soon’ badge.
  • WPML Compatibility: Cater to a global audience with a plugin that’s compatible with WPML, making it suitable for multilingual sites.
  • Quick and Bulk Edit Capabilities: Save time and effort with quick and bulk editing capabilities for managing your ‘Coming Soon’ products.
  • Full Stock Management Automation: Let the plugin do the heavy lifting with a feature that automatically switches a product to ‘Coming Soon’ mode when it’s out-of-stock, and refills the stock once the product is available again.

How to set products in coming soon mode

Step 1: Install the Plugin

Start by getting the Coming Soon Product. Download the plugin file and navigate to your WordPress dashboard. Go to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin. Choose the downloaded file and click ‘Install Now’. After installation, activate the plugin.

woo coming soo products plugin - plugin install

Step 2: Customize the countdown timer

The countdown timer is fully customizable. you can customize the color of each division of the timer.

Head to the main settings in WooCommerce -> Settings -> Coming Soon Products -> countdown

customize countdown timer - woo coming soon products plugin

Step 3: Customize the coming soon badge

The coming soon badge too is fully customizable. you can customize everything regarding the coming soon badge from the size, the badge type, margins and rotation.

coming soon badge customization - woo coming soon products plugin

Step 4: Setting the product as coming soon

Enter the product’s edit page that you want to set in coming soon mode, Click on Coming Soon tab in Product data section, check the Enable Coming soon mode checkbox, setup the coming soon time, countdown, auto enable and other settings, then hit update button

Coming soon settings section per product - woo coming soon products plugin

Step 5: Product Frontend

At this point, everything is ready, you can check the product in frontend. The product will be in coming soon mode, your clients will know when the product will be available, they can subscribe to be informed when the product available for sale.

Coming soon product in frontend - Woo Coming Soon products plugin

With these features at your disposal, you can maintain customer engagement, build anticipation for your products, and drive sales. The Coming Soon Product plugin for WooCommerce is not just a tool, but a strategic asset that can turn potential challenges into exciting opportunities for growth and customer engagement.